Discover my Fashionity Creations amongst Fashion Treasures found during my Second Life's journey !

Fashionity reserves the right to modify policies anytime.

1) Most of my items are boxed for an easy use. Just rezz the box on the ground, right click on it to open it or choose the "copy items to inventory" options. That's all, the clothes will be transfer to your inventory. To find them easily, use the inventory recent items tab.
If problems, contact Fashionity Managers, Al Kurka or Natasha Berman.

2) About flexy skirts and dresses or flexi clothes,  sometimes, depending on your avi, you will need to modify them if it's not fitting correctly on you. To succeed with that, first pose on a posing stand, right click on the flexi prims and select the edit mode. Then click on Stretch with the "Strecth both Sides" also selected (to be sure to strecth equally each sides). With a few pratcice, I'm sure you will be able to make it fit perfectly on your avi.
If you damage some thing in edit and need the new copy, this is not a problem. Return to me the old one with the damage, and I send you the new copy.
No worry :)

3) Clothes permissions.
Fashionity products are provided TRANS / MOD (prims only)

4) Please join our group (Fashionity Group, free of charge) if you would like to be notified of Special sales, new Fashion Updates, Fashion events  and MEMBER ONLY Gifts and Specials!! (Click on Fashionity Kiosk and Join us, easy and free !)

6) Fashionity  blog :

Fashionity is actually using a free web template available for everyone. The template name is called "charcoal2" created and designed bu Jinsona. You can download it at


After this day, sorry.
Send me a NOTECARD with your name, where and what you bought, when you bought it.

8) CUSTOM :  I do change "layers", or change permissions on ANY product. Just send a notecard with your "Layers" request and the outfit boxed.

9) If you have questions or need help with your purchase, contact Al Kurka or Natasha Berman.

If offline - send a notecard or wait til I'm online because IM capped often. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

10) All Fashionity creations in Second Life®, including designs, logos, images, pictures, graphics, etc., are copyrighted by Saku Koltai.

 Saku Koltai

 Fashionity CEO